Top 10 FAQs about Roof Ventilation Systems

1.    “What are the benefits of roof ventilators?”

Be it a factory, warehouse, or other commercial facility, a professionally ventilated building can reduce trapped heat and dust, making for a cooler, cleaner workplace.
Roof ventilations systems also help to remove moisture, condensation, smoke, fumes and pollution particles in the air, replacing them with clean, fresh air, and reducing the likelihood of corrosion and rust. For more benefits, click here.

2.    “Are there any cost savings?”

As ventilated commercial buildings are up to 4 degrees cooler during the heat of a summer’s day, there is a significant saving on air-conditioning and other operating costs, such as:
Increased natural light cuts lighting bills
No need for costly fans and subsequent electrical installation charges
Improved wind-loading capability may reduce the need for structural steel
On top of that there are the “unseen” cost-savings associated with improving staff morale and workplace health, thus leading to a decrease in absenteeism and resulting in a more productive factory or warehouse.

3.    “Why natural roof ventilation?”

Natural roof ventilation does everything conventional systems do, only quieter, more efficiently and effectively.
It therefore benefits the environment, reduces noise pollution and minimises energy consumption.

4.    “Does Airocle only offer one type of ventilator?”

No, it isn’t a case of “one size fits all”. On the contrary, we have a full range of roof ventilation systems to choose one, each purpose designed to suit your exact needs.
Our range includes:
All of these products come complete with downloadable brochures and draft specifications. Additionally, Airocle offers servicing and maintanence as a stand alone option.

5.    “How many roof ventilators will I need?”

That obviously will depend on both the size of the building(s) in question and their purpose.  For example, a factory generating a lot of heat, fumes, and dust will naturally require a more substantial system than say a storage warehouse or community hall.
The natural ventilation specialists at Airocle will be only to happy to inspect your facility, talk to you about your needs and then tell you exactly how many ventilators you will need.

6.    “Do you make your own roof ventilation systems?”

Yes, Airocle design, manufacture, distribute, supply, specify and install all our own products…proudly right here in Australia, using Australian materials and employing Aussie workers.

7.    “Are your ventilators tested, and do they comply with Australian Standards?”

Yes, all our products are thoroughly designed and tested by independent organisations such as CSIRO to provide maximum airflow performance and weather protection.
For example, our Gyro Series complies with AS2428.1 (Rain), AS2428.2 (Wind), AS2428.5 (Coefficient of Discharge), AS4740:2000 (Appendix H, C & D) and AS1668.1 (Fire).

8.    “Are your ventilators cyclone proof?”

Yes, as you’ll see when you read either or both of these articles – Natural Ventilators stand up to Cyclone Christine and Natural Ventilation Assists Cyclone Disaster Mitigation – our systems are designed to reduce the wind pressure load on a building, and act as a pressure release.

9.    “Can your systems be automated?”

Definitely. At Airocle we don’t think in terms of individual products, but in terms of total systems, which can include things such as sensors, dampers and controls that respond to weather, temperature conditions, wind flow/ direction and even air quality – offering you absolute control.

10.  “Does Airocle offer free advice?”

We most certainly do. If you have a project such as a new or existing warehouse or factory that you believe may benefit from natural ventilation, call us and ‘pick our brains’ on what should be done to achieve optimum results.
In regard to the last question, please take us up on this genuine offer.
Call us today on 1800 805 062 and Airocle’s professional design team will gladly provide you with a complete natural ventilation system proposal.
And if YOU have any questions, just ask!

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