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As pioneers in industrial ventilation, we're leading the sustainability revolution that's reshaping the design, construction, and usage of buildings. Our focus is on optimising workplace facilities, and making a positive impact on communities in the toughest environments, both at home and around the world.

Better breathing with industrial ventilation

Recognising the unique needs of every business, we acknowledge that varying facilities have distinct ventilation requirements. Our seasoned team collaborates with you to determine the optimal number of air changes per hour, ensuring a safe working environment for building occupants. Industries like warehousing, manufacturing, and chemical storage demand specific solutions, and we're here to assist. Explore how our computational fluid dynamics reports can guide you in naturally transforming your space into an ideal thermal comfort zone.
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Y Series Wall Ventilation

Enhancing Air Quality in Industrial Spaces

Effective air quality management is paramount in industrial and warehousing settings to create safer and healthier environments. Our focus on freeing the air of contaminants aligns with creating optimal breathing spaces for workers. Adequate ventilation in these facilities is crucial for reducing pollutants, ensuring the well-being of employees, and fostering a more productive work environment.

By prioritising natural ventilation over reliance on mechanical systems, we support sustainable practices in the industrial sector, promoting both health and environmental responsibility. Our expertise extends to working closely with warehousing and manufacturing facilities across Australia, helping them achieve superior indoor air quality standards. Ready to optimise your workspace? Let’s connect.


Airocle E Series

Bespoke Natural Ventilation Solutions for Industrial Settings

Explore our diverse selection of specialized roof vents and wall louvre systems designed to facilitate optimal airflow, effectively reducing heat loads in industrial and warehouse environments. Our solutions go beyond mere ventilation – we also provide options to mitigate sound while ensuring adequate airflow, including operable vents and smoke and heat vents. Consult with our team of experienced engineers to discover the perfect solution tailored to your space.


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1 Series
An efficient ridge and slope roof ventilator for versatile ventilation.
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