Operable Louvres

Control fresh airflow & create healthier indoor spaces with Airocle natural ventilation operable louvres. Sustainable weather-resistant performance.

Powered by nature

Control the entry of fresh airflow into your building and create a healthier indoor environment with Airocle operable louvres.
Manual or automatically operated, our operable louvre screens are ideal for when airflow and temperature demands fluctuate, such as in schools, public halls, community buildings, and shopping centres. With the ability to open and close the louvres, you can control sunlight and fresh air, without the risk of weather penetration.
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Airocle 1 Series

Bespoke Operable Louvres

  • Available in a range of sizes and materials to match your building architecture, our operable louvres are customisable to your project and can include additions such as bird mesh, bushfire mesh, and acoustic dampers, providing a complete, sustainable, and cost-effective natural wall ventilation solution for all types of buildings.

Based on over 90 years of industry experience

We offer an extensive range of environmentally friendly yet highly effective wall ventilation solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.Tried and tested to continuously exceed expectations.

Why Airocle

Why choose Airocle Operable Louvres?

Optimal airflow

Exceptionally crafted to facilitate robust airflow for ventilation and smoke exhaust, while mantaining the low-profile


We offer the highest standard of weatherproofing options for maximum protection. Dust filters, rain sensors, control panels and more can all be incorporated into your existing or new structures.

Silence is golden

Silent to run, louvre ventilation uses natural airflow to control temperature and inflow of fresh air into the structure

Bespoke solution

A flexible design that adapts to your design. Select from a range of colours and materials.


Airocle's high-quality products prioritize security and maximum ventilation, featuring protective mesh options for insect and bird control, including Spark Arrestor mesh for bushfire-prone areas, while their Operable Louvres assure peace of mind in various scenarios.

Environmentally sustainable

Airocle’s roof vents meet all relevant building standards and are environmentally friendly, promoting a ‘green’ and sustainable future

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