Bespoke natural ventilation solutions

We pride ourselves on being Australia’s natural ventilation experts. With a legacy spanning more than a century, we've successfully deployed cutting-edge natural ventilation solutions across the globe. Our mission is to partner with businesses, empowering them to breathe more freely, reduce operational expenses, and minimise heat-related challenges within their buildings

Powered by nature

Natural ventilation refers to the process of using natural forces, such as wind and buoyancy, to provide fresh air circulation and remove stale or polluted air from an indoor space. It relies on pressure differentials and airflow principles to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment, without the need for mechanical aids. Our team of engineers rigorously test, design and improve our systems to ensure you are always at the forefront of sustainable practices.
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Airocle 1 Series

Industry-specific solutions

Our engineers design tailored natural ventilation systems for a range of industries. We’ve worked on some of the most significant mining and infrastructure projects in Australia, as well as warehousing and government properties. Our clients come from the worlds of manufacturing, food service, chemical service, warehousing and more. We’re adept at producing bespoke solutions, whichever your industry.

A data-driven approach to building

Based on over 100 years of research and industry experience, have confidence knowing your in the hands of experts. We don’t just think we are, we know it. Our products are backed by data and rigorous testing, to ensure you are meeting all of your compliance needs. We will even conduct a 360 Airflow Analysis CFD for you, to ensure your really going to notice results.

Why Airocle

Why choose Airocle natural ventilation systems?


We offer the highest standard of weatherproofing options for maximum protection. Dust filters, rain sensors, control panels and more can all be incorporated into your existing or new structures.

Energy efficient

Airocle’s innovative design principles and superior construction methods mean total energy usage and associated costs are reduced.

End-to-end solutions

We’ll take care of everything, from initial designs and engineering to in-house manufacturing, delivery and installation onsite.

Bespoke Design

A flexible design that adapts to your needs. Select from a range of colours and materials to achieve your vision while ensuring results.

Effective & Reliable

Every vent is Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliant and rigorously tested and certified by leading research centres CSIRO and NATA for performance, reliability, and durability.

Specialised products

We design our products to meet specific needs. From fire compliance to acoustic noise reduction, we are able to help you across the board.

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We are ISO certified. Our systems, processes, and procedures meet strict international standards, reassuring you of service excellence, quality, and consistency of our services and products no matter where you are located.

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