What is Natural Ventilation?

Natural ventilation refers to the process of using natural forces, such as wind and buoyancy, to provide fresh air circulation and remove stale or polluted air from an indoor space. It relies on pressure differentials and airflow principles to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment.

In a natural ventilation system, air movement occurs through openings like windows, doors, vents, or other intentional openings in a building’s design. The airflow is driven by the difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of a building, as well as by wind forces acting on the building. When there is a positive pressure difference (higher pressure inside than outside), air flows out of the space. Conversely, when there is a negative pressure difference (lower pressure inside than outside), fresh air is drawn into the space.

Benefits of Natural Ventilation

Benefits of natural ventilation include energy efficiency, reduced reliance on mechanical systems, improved indoor air quality, and a connection with the natural environment. It can be particularly effective in moderate climates and in buildings with suitable designs that take advantage of prevailing winds in addition to helping achieve green initiatives.

Meet the Leaders of the Pack

Airocle is an Australian company that designs, supplies and installs world-class natural ventilation systems. All our natural ventilation products are manufactured right here in NSW. We are proudly owned and manufactured right here in Australia.

We’re at the top of our game as part of the prestigious IVR Group – which has been operating in Australia and internationally for over 90 years.

Sophisticated Solutions

Our engineers design tailored natural ventilation systems for a range of industries. We’ve worked on some of the most significant mining and infrastructure projects in Australia, as well as warehousing and government properties. Our clients come from the worlds of manufacturing, food service, chemical service, warehousing and more. We’re adept at producing bespoke solutions, which we then supply and install.

A 360° Airflow Analysis

We will perform a 360° Airflow Analysis to design and optimise your ventilation systems for clean, safe air. We will then supply and install the solutions using Australian-made products.

Put yourself and your business in the hands of Australia’s leading authorities on natural ventilation.

The Complete Package

We will supply and install all of our solutions, using Australian-made products. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your ventilation is in expert hands, from start to finish.

Breathe Easier

All of our natural ventilation products are designed to ensure you’re in 100% compliance with your legal responsibilities.

With a top-performing industrial ventilation system, your staff will feel healthier and refreshed, making them more energised and productive.

You’ll also have the reassurance that you have the best smoke ventilation systems in place, in the event of a fire.

We installed a full length Airocle ridge vent to our 30,000sqm warehouse building as part of a passive cooling and ventilation system. The system is excellent and even on 36°C days, the building feels as though it is air-conditioned. From our point of view it is an excellent investment.

Cameron Norgrove
Manufacturing Engineer
Donaldson Filtration Solutions