roof vent 3 Series

3 Series

Airocle 3 Series offers high performance, ridge and slope-mounted roof ventilation for heavy-duty industrial buildings and hazardous or volatile environments.
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3 Series

Powerful, sustainable airflow for extreme heat loads and contaminated air

Create a healthy, safe, and sustainable industrial working environment while improving building comfort for occupants with Airocle 3 Series.

Fire-engineered for extreme environments, 3 Series removes high heat loads and contaminated air with ease, making it ideal for mining, large warehousing, chemical storage, and infrastructure.

With a range of unique design features including internal guide vane dampers and wind jump diaphragms, the 3 Series provides efficient exhausting of fumes and hot air. Unlike mechanical ventilation systems, the higher the heat load and the more demanding the conditions, the better natural ventilation systems perform.
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Key Benefits

Why choose the Airocle 3 Series ventilation system?

Bespoke Design

A flexible design that adapts to your needs. Select from a range of colours and materials to achieve your vision while ensuring results.

Energy efficient

Airocle’s innovative design principles and superior construction methods mean total energy usage and associated costs are reduced.

Optimal airflow

Exceptionally crafted to facilitate robust airflow for ventilation and smoke exhaust, while mantaining the low-profile


NATA & CSIRO tested to AS2428 Australian Standards: Rain & Wind, Fire, and Airflow

Minimise construction costs

Natural ventilation minimizes construction costs by eliminating the necessity for fans, associated wiring, and expensive cooling systems, leading to significant reductions in infrastructure and operating expenses, while also potentially decreasing structural wind loading and steel requirements.

Compliant to AS 2427

Materials and construction compliant to AS 2427 for Smoke & Heat release vents

Optimal Heat Removal

Optimise constant airflow, removing excess heat loads through natural means to reduce building running costs & create a better working environment for building occupants.

Roof ventilation installation

We’re here to do the heavy lifting for you…

DDo you need help installing your 3 Series roof vent? No worries! We have a dedicated installation team that we work with to install projects all over Australia. We will work closely with you to install them at a time for minimum interruptions and can offer a range of solutions, including heli-lifts and crane lifts. 

On-going protection with little or to no maintenance

3 Series roof ventilators use efficient design coupled with natural science. This means, that once installed, they’re able to operate with virtually no running or maintenance costs, providing long-term operational savings for both the building and the environment. Designed specifically for buildings with high heat loads, it’s ideal for any industrial setting. 


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Installation Guide
3 Series Installation Guide 3RV 600-750
3 Series Installation Guide 3RV 600-750
Installation Guide
3 Series Installation Guide 3RV 900-4500
3 Series Installation Guide 3RV 900-4500
Maintenance Requirements
3 Series Maintenance Requirement
3 Series Maintenance Requirement
Product Brochure
3 Series Product Brochure
Detailed overview of Airocle 3 Series
3 Series Warranty
3 Series Warranty
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3 Series Performance

Capacity Table

This table provides a useful reference for estimating airflow performance for the 3 Series.

Throat (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Throat Area (m²/m)
Mass (kg/m)
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3 Series

Airocle 3 Series offers high performance, ridge and slope-mounted roof ventilation for heavy-duty industrial buildings and hazardous or volatile environments.  

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