Airocle 4 Series Hero Photo Airocle 4 Series Hero Photo

4 Series

Airocle 4 Series offers high performance, ridge and slope-mounted roof ventilation for heavy-duty industrial buildings and hazardous or volatile environments.
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4 Series

High performer, ultra low-profile

High-performance, low-profile natural ventilation solution for high-demand buildings including warehouses, schools, stadiums, and factories. The Airocle 4 Series stands out for its adaptable design and superior ability to handle high heat loads, making it a perfect choice for structures requiring robust ventilation solutions.
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Key Benefits

With its customisable design and high heat load performance, the Airocle 4 Series is ideal For buildings that need powerful ventilation.

Optimal airflow

Exceptionally crafted to facilitate robust airflow for ventilation and smoke exhaust, while mantaining the low-profile

Compliant to AS 2427

Materials and construction compliant to AS 2427 for Smoke & Heat release vents

Environmentally sustainable

Airocle’s roof vents meet all relevant building standards and are environmentally friendly, promoting a ‘green’ and sustainable future

Low-profile & light-weight

A modern low profile design that is adaptable for use on all profiles of roof sheeting and roof design – slope or ridge mounted.

Optimal Heat Removal

Optimise constant airflow, removing excess heat loads through natural means to reduce building running costs & create a better working environment for building occupants.

Optimal Smoke Removal

Combining the science of air movement with cutting-edge technology and research, our fire and smoke vents are engineered to naturally exhaust toxic air and combustible fumes.

Roof ventilation installation

Ideal for weight-sensitive, sustainable building design

Thanks to its lightweight, low airflow resistance and all-weather engineering, the 4 Series is ideal for when wind loading factors are an important consideration in building design, and for existing buildings requiring upgraded ventilation.


Tested to DIN1055 Part 4 for wind and snow loading and international standards accredited to DIN13030, the 4 Series has certified weather performance above 99.9% at air speeds of up to 18m/s.

Airocle 4 Series Hero Photo

On-going protection with minimum to no maintenance

The 4 Series can be fitted with a range of options including bird, insect, and bushfire mesh, an option for Ridgelite® natural sunlight, acoustic dampening, operable dampers, weather sensors, and automatic controls. It can be fabricated in materials and coatings to suit corrosive environments and is designed for quick and efficient installation.


Like all Airocle natural ventilation systems, the 4 Series provides a range of sustainable, cost-saving benefits for industrial projects, including reduced structural steel through improved pressure relief, and virtually no maintenance and running costs.


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Installation Guide
4 Series Installation Guide
4 Series Installation Guide
Product Brochure
4 Series Product Brochure
Detailed overview of Airocle 4 Series
Maintenance Requirements
4 Series Maintenance Requirement
4 Series Maintenance Requirement
4 Series Warranty
4 Series Warranty
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4 Series Performance

Capacity Table

This table provides a useful reference for estimating airflow performance for the 4 Series.

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Height (mm)
Throat Area (Per unit m²)
Zincalume Mass Per Unit (kg)
Cyclone Rated (Category C)
Fire Rated
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