Vitex Pharmaceuticals Chiller Ventilation

Project Highlights:

  • Improved temperature differential
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Saved on mechanical maintenance costs
  • Improved energy conservation

The Challenge  

Vitex Pharmaceuticals, situated in the bustling region of Eastern Creek in Southwest Sydney, sought a solution for its chiller ventilation requirements. The facility’s chillers, crucial for maintaining pharmaceutical products’ optimal temperatures, faced a significant challenge – the chiller units where overheating due to the heat recirculating and not escaping, issue not only impacted the efficiency of the chillers but also posed potential risks to the integrity of the stored pharmaceuticals. 

Installation of Airocle 3 Series

The Solution  

To address this complex challenge, Vitex Pharmaceuticals turned to Airocle for an effective solution. Recognising the importance of a comprehensive approach, Airocle conducted a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of the site. This involved mapping the temperature contours and velocity vectors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the airflow dynamics and temperature differentials within the facility. 

Airocle’s team then presented an executive summary to Vitex Pharmaceuticals, outlining the potential benefits of installing natural ventilation systems. The summary included a detailed analysis of the projected temperature differentials post-ventilation installation, along with a comprehensive estimation of the long-term return on investment. 

After careful consideration, Vitex Pharmaceuticals chose to implement Airocle’s solution by installing 9 Airocle 4SV.2030 4 Series Ventilators strategically throughout their facility. 

Vitex Roof Vent Install

The Results  

With Airocle’s solution in place, the temperature differential has been maintained at an impressive 0-4 degrees Celsius, significantly improving indoor climate control and minimising condensation-related challenges. This outcome stood in stark contrast to the temperature differences of 5 to 8 degrees Celsius experienced before the installation. This accomplishment was particularly remarkable, considering temperature differential figures were based on a scorching 40-degree Celsius day, which marks a comparable difference.  

Airocle’s long-term analysis also estimated the substantial benefits that Vitex Pharmaceuticals would accrue over a decade. It was projected that the natural ventilation installation will lead to savings of approximately $513,000 over the course of 10 years. This financial gain is projected to be a direct result of improved chiller efficiency, reduced risk to pharmaceutical integrity, and enhanced energy conservation. 

The collaboration between Vitex Pharmaceuticals and Airocle exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative ventilation solutions. By addressing complex temperature differentials and optimising chiller efficiency, Airocle’s 4 Series Ventilators not only enhanced operational performance but also contributed significantly to cost savings and overall sustainability, underscoring the effectiveness of tailored solutions in industrial settings. 

Vitex Airocle

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