8 Series Roof Vent 8 Series Roof Vent

8 Series

Airocle developed the 8 Series roof vents in response to the building industry’s need for purpose-engineered automatic fire ventilators.
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8 Series

A Fail-Safe Solution

Incorporation of the 8 series vents into a project’s ‘HVAC’ scheme helps to dramatically minimise fire spread and explosion risk in a building’s structure.

The 8 Series roof ventilators improve smoke and heat clearance in the event of a fire, reducing infrastructure damage and the potential for human injury or death.

The 8 Series vents can function manually, pneumatically and electrically and can be incorporated with both automatic and manual over-ride operational modes.

As the vents automatically open and allow the natural extraction of smoke, heat and combustible gases, 8 Series vents inhibit the lateral spread of fire by preventing heat from mushrooming over the fire area.

Simultaneously, this allows fire authorities to pinpoint and target the source of the fire.
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Key Benefits

With its customisable design and high heat load performance, the Airocle 8 Series is ideal For buildings that need powerful ventilation.

Energy efficient

Airocle’s innovative design principles and superior construction methods mean total energy usage and associated costs are reduced.


NATA & CSIRO tested to AS2428 Australian Standards: Rain & Wind, Fire, and Airflow

Compliant to AS 2427

Materials and construction compliant to AS 2427 for Smoke & Heat release vents

Effective & Reliable

Every vent is Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliant and rigorously tested and certified by leading research centres CSIRO and NATA for performance, reliability, and durability.

A fail-safe solution

With fail-safe automatic triggers and manual operation, our natural fire and smoke ventilators can be used year-round for optimal fresh indoor airflow.

Optimal Smoke Removal

Combining the science of air movement with cutting-edge technology and research, our fire and smoke vents are engineered to naturally exhaust toxic air and combustible fumes.

8 Series Roof Vent

Fire Management Control

The 8 Series roof ventilators can be specially designed to link up to BMS and FIP arrangements through Airocle’s own engineered control panel.

Purpose engineered control panels incorporate necessary controls relative to the types of operation required, providing remote accessibility reducing occupation health and safety risks normally associated with elevated ventilation control.

The control panel can incorporate a range of features:

  • Sensors for auto closing during inclement weather
  • Smoke Detection
  • UPS battery powered back up
  • Ventilation zoning and zone coupling
  • Manual over-ride for servicing and maintenance
  • Auto timer operation to accommodate ventilation operation demands
  • Full integration into Fire Indication Panels

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8 Series Roof Vent

Be fire compliant with qualified servicing

Periodic inspection and maintenance is required in accordance with Australian Standard AS1851-2005 Section – Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment; Automatic Smoke/Heat Venting Systems.

This can be provided economically by Airocle’s Servicing Division.


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8 Series Warranty
8 Series Warranty
Product Brochure
8 Series Product Brochure
Detailed overview of Airocle 8 Series
Maintenance Requirements
8 Series Maintenance Requirement
8 Series Maintenance Requirement
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8 Series Performance

Capacity Table

This table provides a useful reference for estimating airflow performance for the 8 Series.

Internal Opening Width (mm)
Internal Opening Length (mm)
External Size Width (mm)
External Size Length (mm)
External Size Height (mm)
Free Open Area (m2)
Effective Aerodynamic Area (m2)
Actuator Options
Both Pneumatic & Electric
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