It’s Your Responsibility…

Every building and property manager is liable for the maintenance of essential, natural smoke and heat in their buildings, as outlined in the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000. It’s not just duty of care, it’s a legal responsibility.

But we’ll do the heavy lifting

Airocle are the masters of natural ventilation. We understand what’s required to keep your systems in top condition.

Our highly-qualified team will regularly service your ventilation systems. Each of our agreements provides:

  • The inspection and servicing of the control, electrical, mechanical or pneumatic systems to maintain optimum functionality
  • Inspection and maintenance of power and emergency power supply
  • Examination of possible ventilator damage, fatigue or dirt accumulation
  • Repair or replacement of damaged, faulty or malfunctioning components
  • The exact maintenance and servicing programme will be developed with each property, plant or business manager to cater for the individual requirements of your ventilation scheme.

Understanding the unique nature of each ventilation scheme, Airocle has developed individualised servicing agreements flexible to the maintenance requirements of your situation including:

  • In writing, a formal checklist-style servicing & maintenance programme covering all requirements set out in AS1851-2012
  • A pre-arranged servicing schedule for reliable periodic testing, servicing and maintenance
  • Available emergency call-out assistance within 72 hours wherever possible
  • Servicing logs providing a reliable register for all servicing and maintenance carried throughout the service agreement

We installed a full length Airocle ridge vent to our 30,000sqm warehouse building as part of a passive cooling and ventilation system. The system is excellent and even on 36°C days, the building feels as though it is air-conditioned. From our point of view it is an excellent investment.

Cameron Norgrove
Manufacturing Engineer
Donaldson Filtration Solutions