Specialised 360° Airflow Analysis CFD

Our 360-degree Airflow Analysis tells us exactly what is happening in your building and the natural ventilation solution to your ventilation and safety issues.

Our tailor-made approach

Our 360 Degree Analysis offers a comprehensive evaluation of ventilation needs, tailored to each project's unique requirements. This approach ensures optimal design and functionality, integrating the latest in ventilation technology and customized solutions. It's ideal for ensuring effective, efficient air management in any building.
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Solving heat load issues on an existing building

Is your building too hot and you need help to cool it naturally? Our team can organise a Computation Fluid Dynamic (CFD) report on your building where high heat areas can be identified and we can provide you with a bespoke plan to move forward. 

Bespoke products & solutions

Once the heat source has been determined and our engineering team have calculated the best way forward for you, we will offer you a range of bespoke natural ventilation systems to reduce heat within your building. Discover our range of locally manufactured products today.

Assessment Steps

What does Airocle 360° Airflow Analysis involve?

Our 360-degree Airflow Analysis is part of a step-by-step process that takes you from initial assessment to product proposal:
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Explore how we can help you to improve your building comfort, smoke and fire safety, and green credentials today. We offer natural ventilation and passive smoke hazard management design advice. Call our team to arrange a site assessment

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