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Boost natural airflow with Airocle rotary roof vents. Explore our unique design and superior airflow. Ideal for industrial venting & sustainable projects – schools, factories, warehouses.

Bespoke Australian-Owned Solutions

Airocle is an Australian-owned and operated company. All design and manufacturing takes place locally, giving us confidence in the quality and an assured supply chain.

We’re trusted by some of the biggest names in business and industry, creating bespoke ventilation solutions across numerous sectors. Let our team design a bespoke vent for you.
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Airocle 1 Series

Boost Natural Airflow & Remove Excess Heat Loads

Providing superior, class-leading airflow through our unique blade design and innovative engineering, our CSIRO-tested spinning roof vents only need minimal air movement to efficiently ventilate your indoor space, making them a popular eco-friendly, sustainable solution for green building projects and industrial ‘whirlybird’ installations.

Our rotary air vents are designed for easy installation on a range of different roof systems including slope, ridge, flat or curved, and can be fully customised to your project specifications including fire-rating for smoke hazard management, booster fan manual operation, and bespoke bases to match building aesthetics.

Australian-Made & Owner, Tried & Tested

Featuring high-strength components our rotary roof vents are tested and proven to perform in all weathers including snow and cyclonic conditions, providing years of quiet, reliable, cost and maintenance-free ventilation backed with a 20-year parts warranty.

Why Airocle

Why choose Airocle blast and pressure relief vents?

Optimal Heat Removal

Optimise constant airflow, removing excess heat loads through natural means to reduce building running costs & create a better working environment for building occupants.


Engineered construction provides robust trouble-free ventilators that last for years. Through superior design features, it gives maximum efficiency and continual trouble-free service even in adverse conditions.

End-to-end solutions

We’ll take care of everything, from initial designs and engineering to in-house manufacturing, delivery and installation onsite.

Bespoke Design

A flexible design that adapts to your needs. Select from a range of colours and materials to achieve your vision while ensuring results.

Effective & Reliable

Every vent is Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliant and rigorously tested and certified by leading research centres CSIRO and NATA for performance, reliability, and durability.

Environmentally sustainable

Airocle’s roof vents meet all relevant building standards and are environmentally friendly, promoting a ‘green’ and sustainable future

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We are ISO certified. Our systems, processes, and procedures meet strict international standards, reassuring you of service excellence, quality, and consistency of our services and products no matter where you are located.

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