Achieving Long-Sought Improvements: Airocle's Effective Ventilation Solutions Revolutionize Working Conditions at OJI Fibre Solutions


Overcoming extremes in temperature and humidity

OJI Fibre Solutions, a leading packaging company in Australasia faced a formidable challenge: providing a comfortable and productive work environment within a manufacturing facility subjected to extreme temperature and humidity conditions. Located in Queensland, where high temperatures persist year-round, the facility’s machinery operated at a scorching 190 degrees Celsius, exacerbating the indoor climate.

Employees endured unbearable conditions, with indoor temperatures soaring to a staggering 49 degrees Celsius, even during the cooler months. The absence of effective ventilation compounded these challenges, resulting in productivity losses, employee discomfort, and increased operational costs.


Engineering natural ventilation excellence

Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, OJI Fibre Solutions turned to Airocle, renowned experts in natural ventilation and building design. Airocle unparalleled expertise in conducting Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses provided the critical insights required to transform the facility’s environment. The comprehensive Airflow Analysis identified the areas most affected by excessive heat and humidity, enabling the design of a tailored, cutting-edge natural ventilation system.

Airocle engineers meticulously considered prevailing winds, solar exposure, and specific building requirements to develop custom ventilation solutions. This solution seamlessly integrated with the facility’s existing infrastructure, ensuring that ventilation was an integral part of the building’s design rather than a mere afterthought. The result was a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, delivering unparalleled comfort and well-being to the workforce.

Prior to putting natural ventilation in we were averaging between 13 to 28 degrees above the ambient temperature. After installing the natural ventilation we average only 4-5 degrees above the ambient.
- Kerwin Ritchie Supply Chain Manager, OJI Fiber Solutions


A sustainable, comfortable and profitable outcome

The impact of Airocle natural ventilation solutions was immediate and profound. Indoor temperatures now maintain a consistent equilibrium, with variations of only 2 degrees Celsius from the outdoor ambient. This transformation significantly reduced fatigue and heat-related injuries among employees, fostering a happier and healthier work environment.

Additionally, the extended life of machinery due to cooler operating conditions translated into substantial cost savings on power consumption and maintenance. These results underscore the practical benefits of the Airocle approach, demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability and cost-effective operations. This case study is a testament to the transformative power of Airocle’s natural ventilation solutions in creating environments that are both sustainable and cost-efficient.

Thank you, Stephen and the team, for looking after OJI. We would not hesitate to use naturalventilation in any facility, and I am happy to be an advocate for your product.
- Tim Slade Managing Director @ OJI Fibre Solutions
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