John Dee Cold Store Warwick

Project Highlights:

  • Significantly reduced condensation 
  • Lowered facility running costs 
  • Better air quality 

The Challenge  

John Dee Cold Store Warwick is a state-of-the-art cold storage facility specializing in meat storage and distribution. When Nautical Roofing, a reputable roofing contractor, approached Airocle on behalf of John Dee Cold Store Warwick for a new build project, the challenge was to provide effective ventilation solutions for this specialised cold storage facility. 

Cold storage facilities like John Dee Cold Store require precise temperature control and ventilation to maintain the quality and safety of stored goods. Insufficient ventilation can lead to temperature fluctuations and moisture buildup, which can compromise the integrity of the stored products. 

Additionally, running fridges and cooling systems can be costing, so they were looking for an area to reduce future running costs.

The Solution  

Airocle was tasked with providing a ventilation solution that would ensure consistent temperature control and airflow within the cold storage facility while meeting industry standards for hygiene and safety. 

For this project, Airocle recommended the installation of the 1 Series model 1RV.0600 roof ventilators in classic cream color. A total of 18 lengths, measuring 3.025 meters each (54.45 lineal meters in total), were supplied for the project. Nautical Roofing were the ones to conduct the installation of the ventilation systems and have worked closely with Airocle on many similar jobs.  

The 1 Series model 1RV.0600 roof ventilators were chosen for their efficiency and durability. They are designed to provide optimal airflow while withstanding the rigors of harsh weather conditions. The classic cream color not only complements the facility’s aesthetics but also reflects sunlight to help maintain a cooler interior temperature. 

The Results  

The installation of Airocle’s 1 Series model 1RV.0600 roof ventilators has proven to be a valuable addition to the John Dee Cold Store Warwick facility. These ventilators have significantly improved the ventilation and temperature differentials within the cold storage areas. 

By ensuring consistent airflow and temperature regulation, the cold storage facility can maintain the quality and safety of the stored meat products. The classic cream colour and sleek design of the ventilators seamlessly blend with the facility’s architecture, enhancing its overall appearance. 

Moreover, reduced running costs within the facility are experienced due to having installed natural ventilation. No running costs are required for the future of this ridge ventilator, making it more cost effective than other HVAC options.  

Airocle’s ventilation solution has played a pivotal role in creating an optimal environment for meat storage at John Dee Cold Store Warwick. The project’s success demonstrates Airocle’s commitment to providing effective ventilation solutions tailored to the specific needs of diverse industries. 

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