7 Series Fire & Smoke Vent

Previously known as:

Pyrmont Series

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7 Series is Airocle’s ‘diamond’ when it comes to our comprehensive portfolio of natural heat, smoke and fire ventilation products.

Airocle’s 7 Series has been engineered to maximise thermal, lighting and acoustic efficiency as well as providing high levels of natural heat, smoke and fire ventilation.

Large vent openings and high exhaust coefficients make 7 Series vents the ideal ventilation solution for large-scale heat and smoke ventilation purposes.

With the ability for vents to be customised with weather activation controls, sky lighting, thermal and acoustic insulation and fire-rated fail-safe CO2 activated backup,

7 Series roof vents incorporate day light as part of its environmentally-friendly design, so is ideal for achieving natural ventilation and lighting solution sustainable for the future.

Implementing the 7 Series roof ventilators makes it easy to meet the increasingly stringent demands being placed on building design by Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.

7 Series’ design is fully backed up by Airocle’s rigorous testing procedures.

Application and Uses

The 7 Series of ‘green’ and sustainable natural roof mounted ventilators are appropriate for use in both the industrial and commercial sectors.

The 7 Series roof mounted vents are designed with smoke and fire ventilation in mind and is particularly suited to:

  • Atriums
  • Warehousing
  • Hangars
  • Storage Facilities

Remember, the earlier a natural ventilation scheme is incorporated into the design of a project the better the final outcome, both in design and cost.

With many factors impacting on the performance of each scheme, early consultation with our in-house ventilation specialists allows you to find the best ventilation scheme for not only your building, but also to best suit the variable nature of the surrounding environment.

Key Benefits

  • Optimum natural light transmission (over 60%)
  • Automatic CO2 operated fail-safe opening in the event of smoke and/or fire
  • Reduced energy consumption as a result of the use of natural ventilation principles
  • Manual over-ride for natural ventilation
  • Full fire proof pneumatic operation with copper air lines
  • Maximum co-efficient of heat transmission of 2.0w/m2K
  • Time/weather automatic open/close operational ability
  • Aesthetic low profile design with high aerodynamic performance
  • Hermetic seals and insulated design for acoustic/heat insulation
  • Material and component customisation for corrosive or unique working environments
  • Ability to be incorporated into a buildings BMS and/or FIP systems
  • Full engineered, tested and field-proven


Airocle’s 7 Series of ventilators use efficient engineered design coupled with natural science.

Once installed, they reduce overall building maintenance costs, providing long-term operational savings for both the building and the environment.

Here at Airocle, our vast experience enables us to advise on the most efficient design for your project.

Contact us for a no-obligation site survey and quote relating to either existing buildings or building plans for proposed buildings.

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