whirly bird rotary roof vent

Industrial & Commercial Ventilation Design

We provide buildings and businesses with innovative and environmentally sustainable ventilation solutions that benefit the industry, commerce and community. 

We're Australia's Leading Manufacturer of Natural Industrial Ventilation Systems

We provide buildings with innovative, eco-friendly ventilation solutions to minimise building heat loads and enhance indoor air quality. We are 100% Australian-owned and operated, collaborating with companies globally to ensure better breathing and a sustainable future. 
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Case Study
OJI Fibre Solutions
Achieving Long-Sought Improvements: Airocle's Effective Ventilation Solutions Revolutionize Working Conditions at OJI Fibre Solutions
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Bluescope Steel Port Kembla
After modifications to the Metal Coating Lines it was found that the heat load within the building had increased dramatically and required the design of ventilation to reduce the temperature for both the reliability of the equipment and the safety of the people who work in the environment.
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Sick Building Syndrome
Elevating Health and Efficiency
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whirly bird rotary roof vent whirly bird rotary roof vent
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