One of the most popular products in Airocle’s range, the rotary roof ventilators, also commonly known as “whirlybird”, offer an effective and environmentally friendly solution for commercial and industrial buildings natural ventilation requirements.
Using thermodynamic and centrifugal forces combined with innovative design, Airocle’s rotary roof ventilators use the natural up-flow of hot air to rotate the ventilator head and create a vacuum. Warm and contaminated air rushes up to fill the vacuum and is then expelled without any air funnelling back in.
Highly versatile, Airocle’s roof rotary ventilators can be used on slope, ridge, flat or curbed roofs and will fit all building roof profiles.
  • Engineered construction provides robust trouble-free ventilators that last for years.
  • We use superior design features to give maximum efficiency and continual trouble-free service even in adverse conditions.
  • No running costs and maintenance free due to naturally moving parts.
  • Powered by cost-free air.
Effective & Reliable
  • Can be operated in extreme fire conditions
  • Market leading spherical-blade design performance
  • Supported by CSIRO and NATA approved testing laboratories
  • Australian made with double spot-weld fabrication providing superior quality construction backed by a minimum 10 year warranty
Environmentally Friendly
  • Natural forces are used to create movement reducing energy consumption to run cooling systems
  • High quality materials and superior technology for sustainable building
  • Innovative typhonic roller bearing to minimise noise and maintenance
Architecturally Pleasing
  • Effortless spinning motion combined with innovative design
  • Large choice of materials and colours to match existing roof designs
5 series rotary vent
Inspired by the natural forces of stack action, Airocle developed
10 Series Airocle Roof Ventilator

10 Series revolutionary design generates up to 60%