roof vent 3 Series roof vent 3 Series

Aldi Distribution Centre

Project Highlights:

  • Optimised employee comfort
  • Reduced indoor ambient temperature
  • Saved on building running costs and replacements on mechanical cooling systems
  • Ensured fire safety
  • Reduced build costs

The Challenge  

ALDI is a global supermarket chain that has made a huge impact in Australia for its affordable pricing and unique range of German-made products. Before the construction of all of the national distribution centres here, ALDI came to us and wanted assistance in meeting some impressive targets.  

ALDI is known for building smart, with environmental factors being considered for most of its builds worldwide. They wanted to keep with a green standard of design, so were looking for a natural approach for the build.  

In addition to this, they wanted to optimise employee comfort, mitigate health risks and ensure the fire safety of their warehousing.  

While all these things were important, they also needed to be a cost-effective, cohesive ventilation solution that could be rolled out to all of the distribution facilities around the country.  

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Installation of Airocle 3 Series

The Solution  

We designed natural ventilation into every one of their Distribution Centres, interlinked with a cutting-edge Building Management System (BMS) 

Our 3 Series ventilation systems were one of the first products we offered to Aldi as they are high-capacity roof ventilators that provides a positive means of extracting excess heat and fumes. They are especially suited for large-scale industrial projects. Given the fact Aldi was looking at putting this above the coolrooms, we knew this would be ideal for helping to ensure that condensation was not an issue, as the buoyant air had a means of escaping.  

Airocle’s 3 Series vents are durable and innovatively designed to withstand harsh and fluctuating weather conditions. Ventilators are weather-tight and storm-proof under all positive operating conditions and are capable of withstanding a wind load of 1725 Pa. This meant that it would be good for areas that are susceptible to frequent weather changes such as Queensland areas like Brendale.  

Through our tailored ventilation solutions, we've not only enhanced ALDI's operational efficiency but also prioritised the well-being of their workforce.
- Stephen Bird Managing Director, Airocle

The Results  

Aldi’s National Distribution Centres are notable for their comfortable average temperature as a result of implementing Airocle ventilation systems.  

We installed an optimised crosswind ventilation system. From the central control point of the Building Management System, the operable ridge vents close when the temperature drops below 18° Celsius, and open again when it rises above 25° Celsius. In addition to this, we added rain sensors to some of the vents, meaning they will open when conditions are right and will remain closed if it’s raining.  

The smoke Hazard Clearance system will activate in the event of a fire and naturally remove smoke. 

Aldi was able to reduce costs and improves the long-term health and safety of employees by designing natural ventilation into their facilities before construction began. Thought around the placement of the vents and dominant openings were taken into consideration and now the warehouses are significantly cooler than they would be without natural ventilation solutions.  

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