Let peace of mind come naturally.

Smoke is the biggest threat to life in the event of a fire. Minimise risks by harnessing the power of nature with Airocle’s natural smoke ventilation systems which use Airflow to remove smoke quickly, naturally and effectively.

Naturally Efficient

Our natural smoke ventilation systems are unobtrusive and cost effective, while offering a total fire prevention solution.

Our leading-edge natural ventilation opens air pathways to purge the smoke quickly and efficiently.

It ensures a safe exit for occupants, with greater visibility and access for firefighters.

Curious as to how it works? Watch the video below:

No Electricity. Just Aerodynamics

Our solutions use no electricity, making them efficient and cost-effective.

Optimise for Safe Occupancy

Airocle uses world class sustainable solutions that harness engineering to create safe and effective ventilation for occupancy.

We have developed a sophisticated 360° Airflow Analysis which enables us to optimise building ventilation for safety and occupancy through the power of nature and engineering.