Airocle 7 Series Airocle 7 Series

The Queen Victoria Building Sydney

Project Highlights:

  • Replaced original vents to meet with the new building code compliance  
  • Clear 7 Series vents that allowed for natural light to enter the building  
  • Vents are delivered and hoisted in the evening to avoid disruption 

The Challenge  

The Queen Victoria building in Sydney was built in 1978 by George McRae and was built to replace the traditional markets of the time. It was built in honour of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, a monarch of the time. It was later remodelled in the 30s, and again during the 80s, after nearly facing demolition a few years prior. The new design of the building wanted to keep a traditional look of the building without having to change too much, but still allow for ventilation and light but recent changes to building code compliance in 2009 also meant that the building need to meet new building code standards, especially around fire and smoke ventilation. 

7 Series Roof Vent

The Solution  

Airocle was contacted to find a solution to meet the needs of the building. We immediately put forward our 7 Series vents as they allow for up to 60% light transmission, and meet fire and smoke compliance needs while also keeping with a natural-looking design that doesn’t detract from the traditional build. Airocle gave the option for QVB to install on their own if there were concerns around working on a heritage building or we offered installation as part of our turn-key service.  

A complete installation was required for this project. Airocle liaised with 3rd parties to ensure the smooth process of work and even scheduled night works, to minimise disruptions to the businesses within the building. A crane was hired over two evenings and all the vents were hoisted up onto the roof, some pre-made while some lids required construction once on the top of the building.  

The Results  

Airocle went in and replaced a number of existing vent lids with new ones that met the building compliance needs. Our 7 Series roof vents were also added to the roof of the building which can be seen from the lower levels. The 7 Series was chosen as it lets in the most natural light, meets building standards and also can help to achieve fire safety standards as it has a fusible link and fire-rated-fail-safe.  

Now if a fire were to break out within the building, the pneumatic fuse links will open, allowing the smoke to escape which is the largest cause of loss of life when building fires occur.  

Overall the project was completed over several days/evenings, with minimal disruptions caused to patrons.  

Airocle 7 Series

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