The problem with nature…

… and the solution?

Here’s where we stand

Take a moment to have a look at your typical warehouses and factories. These very buildings are built with a dominant opening on one side. Not uncommon in terms of architecture or structural engineering. The trouble, however, begins to arise if the dominant opening happens to be positioned incorrectly on the windward side of the building.

The problem with nature…

You see, the windward side presents an opportunity for winds to blow directly into a building. Over time, this builds pressure and slowly but surely, it pushes the entire structure outwards. Now at the same time, wind that travels over the roof of a building creates a negative pressure that pulls the structure upwards. As a consequence, this accumulates quite a strong, combined external force.

A strong, combined external force acting against a building holds a few key implications. For one, it means larger steel beams, footings, and piers are required to fortify the structure – so the structure as a whole may stand safely without the looming concern of an untimely collapse. For another (though closely associated with the previous point), it means a higher construction cost is necessary in order to construct such a building. Suffice it say, the dollars and cents that goes into ensuring a building can remain standing alone grows to become quite hefty sum…

… and the solution?

The secret to combatting this invisible spectre of destruction lies in this little known engineering technique: Airocle’s proprietary natural ventilation systems

Installing an Airocle natural ventilation system means installing relief points where pressure can be released. As you will notice, through these integral relief points, the pressure trapped within the building can effectively escape . And prevent the forces of nature from affecting the overall structure almost entirely. With decreased forces acting on the building, smaller structural steel beams can potentially be used. And less steel means less money is needed to construct the very same building. In tangible dollars and cents, this amounts to an average of $75/square metre. Something that cannot be ignored in the scale of things.

Airocle’s ventilation system has proven to be able to save money on structural steel cost, effectively reducing the total cost of constructing a building, the ensuing carbon footprint, all while maintaining optimum Indoor Air Quality. Call Airocle today to find out more about the miracle concept behind this.

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