Solving the Corrosion Issue Naturally

The costs of building maintenance and repairs due to corrosion has seen many project operators look for different ways to combat heat and humidity in their infrastructure. While many operators are treating the impacts of corrosion, an increasingly number of operators are finding ways to minimise or avoid the root problem.

Mining sites around Australia have been reviewing their above-ground operations and have been finding ways to not just remove these elements of corrosion but also improve working environments, reduce operational costs, improve building life and improve WH&S standards.

The emergence of natural ventilation specialists has been instrumental in assisting operations achieve these advantages for both new and existing buildings. The benefits that mining sites are gaining from natural ventilation have been clear. Proven reports of reduced humidity and corrosion in building structures and machinery, improved conditions for workers, reduced maintenance and energy costs and increased building life cycles are common.

Airocle is taking a leading role in helping mining operations achieve these benefits. Realising that large infrastructure, industrial and mining projects required successful systems that were engineered for real results in harsh conditions, the company has invested in designing and engineering tailored systems to meet project specific requirements. No longer is natural ventilation seen as putting a few holes in the wall or adding some roof vents, operation managers are realising the need for complete systems that deliver reliable and sustainable performance.

Airocle have pioneered the use of detailed performance based calculations and CFD modelling of its products, and the design of natural ventilation systems to allow projects to perform in all seasons and operating environments. With CSIRO testing and a complete in-house design and engineering division, Airocle have given building managers and designers the ability to work with a company who design, engineer, manufacture and even install and service the system – ensuring the right solution and system performance.

“Natural ventilation is no longer just about providing a product. With advances in computer modelling, access to historical weather and wind patterns and our history of expertise in the natural ventilation field, we can show the real benefits that a system can provide and even present a tailored site proposal for them” Airocle Managing Director Stephen Bird explained, “For an operations manager to know that they are able to impact on a buildings humidity by a particular percentage, reduce the temperature that employees are working in by a certain temperature, reduce structural corrosion in the building improving building longevity and even outline the carbon footprint and energy savings is unparalleled. And to have this all in a report, it shows them that we are serious about the tangible and quantifiable benefits we can offer to mines and processing facilities across Australia”.

It is not just this detailed and tailored approach to every project which has made Airocle a popular contact for mining organisations.  The ability to design systems to automatically or manually open and close all or particular sections of the ventilator according to many parameters and operating specifications has given mining operations total control of their systems to achieve what they require.

Innovation in natural ventilation industry has not just stopped at improved reliability and performance. Airocle unveiled the incorporation of its unique roof fall arrest system into its high capacity roof ventilator range. Designed and engineered to exceed Australian Standards, it has given sites the capacity to deal with roof access safety and natural ventilation simultaneously in one package. Combining this with the ability for ventilators to be acoustically treated, the focus on meeting the needs of mining and heavy industry by natural ventilation providers has come just at the right time.

Airocle is in the unique situation of having the expertise, experience and capacity to deliver on even the largest of projects. With an ever increasing large number of machine workshops, water treatment plants, chemical storage, steel rolling mills, warehousing, glass float plants and coal handling processing plants (CHPPs) being fitted with natural ventilation by Airocle, operation managers, engineers and designers have realised that Airocle are able to achieve the high performance and quality assured systems that are required for even the most demanding of projects.

The other benefit that has set Airocle apart is that it has made the process easy. Airocle provides building designers access to complimentary design advice during the entire project construction and operation phases and are renowned for providing detailed and timely workshop drawings and tailoring engineering to each project. Combined with the fact that Airocle manufacture its entire range in Australia and have an array of qualified installation tradespeople who are highly experienced in site inductions within the mining industry, it places Airocle at the leading edge of solution based natural ventilation services.

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