E Series

Highly versatile, the Airocle E Series louvres used either as a second stage to any of our single stage louvre systems, or as a stand-alone full ‘chevron’ louvre system.

As second stage louvres, the E Series louvres have been scientifically engineered and specifically designed to eliminate entry of wind-driven rain in a building protecting it from adverse weather conditions, whilst providing optimum ventilation with 42% of free open area

Used as a full chevron system, E Series louvres not only provide 45% of free open space and therefore maximum airflow, but they also guarantee optimum privacy when required.
E Series

Eliminate Wind-driven Rain

Specifically designed to counter the problem of wind-driven rain making its way into a building’s structure, E Series louvres ensure total weather protection.
The Airocle E Series is of precision sheet metal construction and provides efficient ventilation for buildings and structures.
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Key Benefits

Why Choose Airocle E Series Louvres

Energy efficient

Airocle’s innovative design principles and superior construction methods mean total energy usage and associated costs are reduced.

Environmentally sustainable

Airocle’s roof vents meet all relevant building standards and are environmentally friendly, promoting a ‘green’ and sustainable future

Optimal airflow

Exceptionally crafted to facilitate robust airflow for ventilation and smoke exhaust, while mantaining the low-profile

Tailored & engineered

Designed and tested by in-house and external engineers. Reports ran specific for your needs to ensure the best results.


Airocle's high-quality products prioritize security and maximum ventilation, featuring protective mesh options for insect and bird control, including Spark Arrestor mesh for bushfire-prone areas, while their Operable Louvres assure peace of mind in various scenarios.


We offer the highest standard of weatherproofing options for maximum protection. Dust filters, rain sensors, control panels and more can all be incorporated into your existing or new structures.

Airocle E Series

Simple installation… Let us take care of it for you

Made of the highest quality materials, E louvres are customisable in size to a maximum blade span of 1800mm.

Depending on the project requirements, blades can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Airocle’s E Series ‘chevron’ louvres are simple and easy to install. All units are shipped completely packed-down with all necessary fixings and specified accessories.

Minimal Maintenance

Once installed, E Series louvres are subject to virtually no running or maintenance costs.

This means they’re an extremely economical and cost-effective ventilation solution.

Airocle’s products have a proven track record around the world for efficiency and performance

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Spec Sheet
E Series Spec Sheet
E Series Spec Sheet
E Series Warranty
E Series Warranty

E Series Performance

Maximum Blade Span
Free Open Area (Second Stage Louvre)
Free Open Area (Full Chevron Louvre)
Available in Colorbond steel and aluminium
Colorbond range
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Eliminate Wind-driven Rain

Specifically designed to counter the problem of wind-driven rain making its way into a building’s structure, E Series louvres ensure total weather protection.

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