E Series fixed 2 stage louvre

Previously known as:

Mercury Series

e series static louvre
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Highly versatile, the Airocle E Series louvres used either as a second stage to any of our single stage louvre systems, or as a stand-alone full ‘chevron’ louvre system.

As second stage louvres, the E Series louvres have been scientifically engineered and specifically designed to eliminate entry of wind-driven rain in a building protecting it from adverse weather conditions, whilst providing optimum ventilation with 42% of free open area

Used as a full chevron system, E Series louvres not only provide 45% of free open space and therefore maximum airflow, but they also guarantee optimum privacy when required.

Application & Uses

Airocle’s E Series of ‘chevron’ louvre natural ventilation systems are applicable across a wide range of projects, including industrial, commercial and community uses.

Chosen to act as a second stage to any of our single stage louvre systems, E Series is an ideal solution for buildings, which need a weatherproof environment. Second stage louvres are especially beneficial for building exposed to the elements.

When utilised as a full chevron louvre system, E Series louvres provide an added layer of privacy and are therefore perfectly fitted for apartment blocks’ windows and balconies or industrial/commercial projects, where hiding of unsightly plant or equipment is required.

Key Benefits

Eliminate Wind-driven Rain

Specifically designed to counter the problem of wind-driven rain making its way into a building’s structure, E Series louvres ensure total weather protection.

Added Privacy

When specified as a full ‘chevron’ louvre system, E Series add an additional element of privacy.

Environmentally Sustainable

E Series louvres meet all relevant building standards and are environmentally-friendly, promoting a sustainable future.

Energy Efficient

Airocle’s innovative design principles and superior construction methods mean total energy usage and associated costs are reduced.

Installation & Options

Adaptable design

Made of the highest quality materials, E louvres are customisable in size to a maximum blade span of 1800mm.

Depending on the project requirements, blades can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Airocle’s E Series ‘chevron’ louvres are simple and easy to install. All units are shipped completely packed-down with all necessary fixings and specified accessories.


To satisfy most project requirements, a range of optional accessories are available including

  • Bird, vermin and insect mesh
  • Rain sensors
  • Security screens and/or bars
  • Blanking sheets
  • Fire and smoke dampers
  • Dust filters

Our team of ventilation experts is on hand to help pinpoint the optimum natural ventilation to suit your requirements. Simply, Contact us for obligation-free advice.


Once installed, E Series louvres are subject to virtually no running or maintenance costs.

This means they’re an extremely economical and cost-effective ventilation solution.

Airocle’s products have a proven track record around the world for efficiency and performance

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NB. Full test results available from Airocle

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