Bluescope Steel Port Kembla

Client Background:

After modifications to the Metal Coating Lines it was found that the heat load within the building had increased dramatically and required the design of ventilation to reduce the temperature for both the reliability of the equipment and the safety of the people who work in the environment.

Points to Note:                

  • Without this ventilation system the reliability of the equipment in the line is compromised. Most electrical equipment can operate in ≤55 ͦC. We recorded temperatures > 70 ͦC. With the installation of the static ventilation system designed by Airocle the temperature in the design area has been reduced to a maximum of 53 ͦC and an average of 32 ͦC
  • The overhead cranes would not operate in the elevated temperatures as the long travel lasers used to determine the cranes position in the building were not operating, crippling the crane use in the area. Since the installation of the static ventilators the cranes have operated trouble free.
  • There is no moving parts on the ventilation system including the roof top static units and the fixed wall louvres resulted in no increase in maintenance costs

Client Comment:

“We would like to say that we were particularly impressed with the high quality of fabrication of the components, supplied in a very short time frame. Airocle’s engineering design, and workshop teams should be congratulated.”

Scope of Works:

  • Site area Appraisal
  • Design & Engineering Consultancy
  • Product Selection
  • Product application & detailing
  • Installation assistance & support