B Series Wall Louvres

Previously known as:

Alician Series

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Airocle’s B Series wall-mounted fixed louvres are an ideal choice of wall louvre for when maximum airflow is desired.

Our B Series of customisable fixed wall louvres enhance building security, whilst allowing for natural, economical and environmentally-friendly ventilation.

B Series wall louvres work via an innovative technology inspired by natural forces and backed by sound science and rigorous testing.

Like all Airocle’s natural ventilation products, the B Series wall mounted louvres are ‘green’ and economical and contribute to a sustainable future.

Application and Uses

B Series wall-mounted fixed louvres are suitable for a range of building types and uses.This includes commercial, industrial and community projects.

When selecting a ventilation system designers and architects must consider the external environment – including factors such as climate, noise pollution, dust and wind direction – as well as of course, the size, scope and layout of the project.

In particular, when considering louvre installation, it’s important to take note of the following factors:

  • Airflow volume and optimum efficiency
  • Required optimum amount of natural lighting
  • Restriction of water entry
  • Aesthetics and architectural style
  • Seasonal climate changes
  • Security

Airocle has more than 30 years experience designing and delivering comprehensive, natural ventilation solutions to suit any project.

Our team of qualified professionals are available to assist you in choosing the right natural ventilation scheme for your project. Simply, Contact Us.

Key Benefits

Amenity Optimization

B Series wall louvres optimize the amenity of buildings, even in the most challenging environments.

Energy Efficient

Airocle’s B Series provides natural air ventilation which is both effective and efficient when it comes to future energy use.


Like all Airocle’s products, B Series mounted wall louvres are specifically engineered to withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

Lower Energy Costs

The use of a natural ventilation scheme such as B Series louvres provides numerous benefits resulting in better economics for any business or facility, including lower overall energy costs.

Installation & Options

Aircole’s B Series can be shipped in varying sizes to suit the scope and nature of your project.


Louvres are available in extruded aluminium or fabricated profiles in a selection of base materials including Zincalume® Colorbond® Galvabond® Aluminium Stainless Steel, Copper and Zinc Polycarbonate

Choose from our Colorbond®, complete powder coated, or complete anodised range of finishes. Specialised coatings are also available upon request.

Maximum blade span is 1400mm, whilst the louvres provide a 64% free open area.


B Series wall mounted louvres are available with a range of accessories to further heighten their performance, and suit your individual project and environmental needs.

These include:

  • Bird and insect mesh (available in a range of materials),
  • Rain sensors,
  • Security screens and bars,
  • Blanking sheets,
  • Volume control dampers,
  • Fire and smoke dampers
  • Dust filters.


B Series Ventilators use efficient design coupled with natural science. Once installed they operate with virtually no running or maintenance costs, providing long-term operational savings for both the building and the environment.

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