Visy Re+

Visy Re+

The Challenge

Part of the packaging giant Visy, “Visy Re+” is the company’s plastic bottle recycling division. They offer forward-thinking and closed-loop packaging and recycling solutions that align with customer and industry needs. Visy Re+ collects plastic bottles, reduces them into pellets and recycles them to produce new bottles.

As a result of this plastic recycling process, so much heat and moisture was being produced in the facility that its humidity levels were like a rainforest. You could taste the plastic in the air. Furthermore, it was threatening to become a real health concern for the company, with the potential for employees taking an increasing number of sick days.

The Solution

We conducted a full assessment of the recycling facility for Visy Re+, then put together a proposal of what was required to relieve the high heat load and moisture in the air. As part of this, we estimated that by installing natural ventilation products, they would have full ROI within 4 years.

Within 8 weeks of our proposal being accepted, we had installed an entirely new ventilation system for Visy Re+, with the actual installation taking around 3 weeks.

The Results

The reduction in heat and moisture was almost immediate. Additionally, the plastic taste in the air was removed. Otto Szolosi, Project Engineer at Visy Re+, was delighted with the project and commented that the company had achieved ROI on the overall project within two years, rather than four.

The risks to employees’ health were reduced by allowing for effective means of cross-flow ventilation. Also, building comfort and work productivity significantly increased as a result of installing the 1 Series, 2 Series Ridge/Slope ventilators and A Series wall louvres.