Rathmines natural ventilation Rathmines natural ventilation

Rathmines School Hall

Project Highlights:

  • Helped to achieve BCA requirements
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Cost-effective system installed with minimal maintenance costs

The Challenge  

When Edwards & Vickerman Consulting Engineers and Breeze Air Conditioning undertook the renovation of Rathmines School Hall, the safety of the occupants in case of fire was a primary concern. As part of ensuring compliance with fire safety standards, the challenge was to find an effective fire and smoke ventilation solution that would create a safe environment for students and staff in case of emergency. 

The challenge was to devise a ventilation solution that not only complied with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) fire and smoke requirements but also provided an unobtrusive, cost-effective, and efficient means of smoke evacuation, ensuring occupant safety and facilitating firefighting efforts. 

The Solution  

To meet the complex requirements of this fire safety ventilation project, Airocle proposed the installation of their 8 Series roof ventilators. These ventilators were selected for their capacity to meet the BCA fire and smoke requirements and were further distinguished by having undergone rigorous testing by CSIRO and NATA for ventilation and acoustic performance. 

The key innovation introduced by Airocle was the inclusion of actuators that enabled the automatic opening and closing of vents in the event of a fire. This feature, regularly tested to ensure reliability, played a critical role in ensuring rapid smoke evacuation and maintaining the safety of the hall’s occupants. 

Airocle’s natural smoke ventilation systems were chosen not only for their fire prevention capabilities but also for their unobtrusive design and cost-effectiveness. These systems created pathways for fresh air, swiftly purging smoke from the hall in the event of a fire. This not only facilitated safe egress for occupants but also improved visibility and access for firefighters. 

In total, four Airocle fire and smoke double lids vents from the 8 Series range were installed to comprehensively address the fire safety ventilation requirements. The inclusion of a VCP control panel and electric actuator ensured precise control and reliable operation of the ventilation system. Moreover, galvanized steel materials were used to construct the vents, ensuring resistance to rust, a crucial consideration given the proximity to water sources. 

Airocle Control Panel

The Results  

The installation of Airocle’s fire safety ventilation solution at Rathmines School Hall has significantly enhanced the facility’s safety standards. The 8 Series roof ventilators, equipped with actuators for fire response, provide a reliable means of rapid smoke evacuation in the event of a fire, meeting the stringent BCA requirement 

Airocle’s commitment to testing and compliance, as evidenced by CSIRO and NATA evaluations, underscores the effectiveness and reliability of their ventilation systems. The unobtrusive design and cost-effectiveness of these systems further add to their appeal in school environments, where safety and budget considerations are paramount. 

Overall, this project demonstrates how Airocle’s innovative natural ventilation solutions can not only meet complex fire safety requirements but also enhance the safety, functionality, and overall quality of educational facilities. The collaboration between Edwards & Vickerman Consulting Engineers, Breeze Air Conditioning, and Airocle serves as a testament to the vital role that effective ventilation plays in ensuring occupant safety in public spaces. 

The partnership between Storage King, Hyland Roofing, and Airocle has resulted in a successful solution to the challenge of maintaining a conducive storage environment. By investing in quality roof ventilation, they have not only enhanced the quality of their services but also reinforced their commitment to the safety and well-being of their customers’ stored possessions. 

Rathmines School Hall Project

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