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BHP Rod Mill Project

Project Highlights:

  • Mitigated high indoor temperatures caused by the rod mill 
  • Enhanced employee working conditions 
  • Utilised long-lasting Australian Epoxy-coated steel materials for longevity 
  • Ongoing performance in line with promised standards from 1980s until today  

The Challenge  

In the 1980s, The BHP Rod & Wire Mill Project presented a unique set of challenges for Airocle (Trading as IVR) at the time. This facility housed a rod mill that generated substantial heat loads, resulting in elevated indoor temperatures. The excessive heat not only jeopardised the performance of critical machinery but also created uncomfortable working conditions for employees. 


The owners of the facility had ambitious plans to double their production speed, intensifying the heat-related issues within the building. To address these challenges, Airocle was entrusted with finding a solution that would effectively reduce the heat loads while ensuring the longevity and reliability of the chosen system. 

BHP Mill

The Solution  

Airocle’s team designed, manufactured, and installed an extensive ridge vent system on-site, tailored to the specific needs of the BHP Rod Mill Project. The vent system was meticulously crafted using Australian Epoxy-coated steel, a choice recommended by our experts in adherence to Australian building standards. This selection ensured not only the durability of the system but also its performance in the challenging conditions of the rod and wire mill environment. 

The installation process spanned four months, during which the team worked diligently to implement the solution seamlessly into the existing facility. This comprehensive approach allowed us to address the high heat load issue effectively. Airocle (IVR group) had a team working on-site for 4 months to build a truly revolutionary product on the top of this industrial facility.  

The Results  

Since the installation of Airocle’s ridge vent system, the BHP Rod Mill Project has experienced a significant reduction in indoor temperatures. The system effectively mitigated the heat loads generated by the rod mill, alleviating machinery issues and vastly improving the working conditions for employees. 

What sets this project apart is its longevity and continued performance in line with promised standards. The use of Australian Epoxy-coated steel has proven to be a wise choice, as the vent system has not required replacement and continues to deliver optimal results. After nearly 40 years, the original ventilation system still remains, with no maintenance required.  

By partnering with Airocle, the owners of the facility achieved their goal of enhancing production speed while maintaining a comfortable and safe working environment. The success of the BHP Rod Mill Project serves as a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of Airocle’s ventilation solutions. 

BHP Rod Mill

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