When it comes to natural fire and smoke ventilation solutions, Airocle’s focus on innovation is leading the way with its purpose engineered automatic fire and smoke ventilators.

Based on the study of natural thermodynamic forces combined with scientific research and cutting-edge technology, our fire and smoke vents have been designed to quickly detect a temperature rise, gases or smoke and quickly react to naturally evacuate smoke, heat and combustible gases from the building atmosphere.

Providing reliable and effective heat and smoke ventilation for various projects, our products will minimise fire spread and explosion risk, improve smoke and heat clearance and reduce potential personal injury or infrastructure damage.

Our range of fire and smoke ventilators are Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliant and have been rigorously tested by leading research centres for performance, reliability and durability guaranteeing a safe, effective, yet sustainable solution for your projects.

Benefits of Fire & Smoke Vents

  • Protects your building and the people inside
  • CSIRO and NATA tested and guaranteed compliance with the Building Code of Australia requirements for smoke and heat ventilation
  • Can be ready built or custom designed to incorporate a range of features that suit your infrastructure. Wall and roof mounted options are both available
  • Multiple activation triggers with a range of temperature, smoke and gas sensors
  • Full fire management control including BMS and FIP link up
  • Australian engineered and manufactured under the relevant Australian Standards
  • Sustainable, reliable  and cost effective maintenance
  • Unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Custom automatic or manual over-ride control.
  •  With both Pneumatic and Electric Operation you have a fail safe operation
7 Series Fire & Smoke Vent
7 Series is Airocle's 'diamond' when it comes to our
8 series roof ventilator
Protect your building from fire Airocle developed the 8
Roof mounted louvres

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Z Series wall-mounted louvres

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