Wall Ventilation by Airocle

Using natural airflow principles combined with over 30 years of research and development, Airocle offer an extensive range of environmentally friendly yet highly effective wall ventilation solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

Our wall ventilation schemes are perfect for multi-level buildings where natural ventilation across each level is a priority as well as large structures where pressure relief and cross-flow ventilation is required.

High Performing Wall Ventilation

Designed and manufactured in Australia with high quality materials, our range of wall ventilation solutions combine appealing designs with high performance.

Our louvres achieve optimum level of free open area necessary for effective airflow, but can also be customised to include weather proofing and noise reduction devices depending on your project requirements.

Implementing Airocle’s wall ventilation solutions will not only make your buildings architecturally attractive, but will also guarantee a sustainable future with minimized running costs, lower energy use and improved working environment.
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Weather Proof and Heavy Duty

We develop top-notch products and advanced design elements to guarantee optimal performance even in challenging conditions. Our offerings excel in reactive fire ventilation, effectively prevent water and wind-driven rain entry, and boast exceptional resilience, with some options even being bulletproof. The flexibility of fixed or manual operation empowers you to regulate airflow, ensuring efficient dust control and insulation against cold air, tailored to prevailing environmental conditions.

Y Series Wall Ventilation

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Wall Ventilation

We prioritise sustainability and cutting-edge environmental technology in all our products. Engineered with acoustics in mind, our offerings guarantee superior noise reduction. Leveraging natural airflow minimises environmental impact and reduces stress on your infrastructure. Additionally, we strategically optimise natural lighting, effectively lowering electricity costs for your benefit with Airocle wall ventilation.

Why Airocle

Why choose Airocle wall vents?

Optimal airflow

Exceptionally crafted to facilitate robust airflow for ventilation and smoke exhaust, while mantaining the low-profile


We offer the highest standard of weatherproofing options for maximum protection. Dust filters, rain sensors, control panels and more can all be incorporated into your existing or new structures.

Minimise construction costs

Natural ventilation minimizes construction costs by eliminating the necessity for fans, associated wiring, and expensive cooling systems, leading to significant reductions in infrastructure and operating expenses, while also potentially decreasing structural wind loading and steel requirements.

Bespoke solution

A flexible design that adapts to your design. Select from a range of colours and materials.

Energy efficient

Airocle’s innovative design principles and superior construction methods mean total energy usage and associated costs are reduced.

Environmentally sustainable

Airocle’s roof vents meet all relevant building standards and are environmentally friendly, promoting a ‘green’ and sustainable future

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Explore how we can help you to improve your building comfort, smoke and fire safety, and green credentials today. We offer natural ventilation and passive smoke hazard management design advice. Call our team to arrange a site assessment

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