Airocle H Series Chevron Louvre

Product Specification

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Previously known as:

Stratford Series

Weather The Storm 


The Airocle H Series Chevron Louvre is designed to provide high weather protection with minimal panel depth. It has been scientifically engineered to prevent wind-driven rain from entering a building. Additionally, it provides optimal weather protection, while still allowing natural ventilation. Tried and tested, the Airocle wall louvre has completed a water ingress performance report which rated it a class B rain penetrator performance score. 


As this is a fixed louvre, there will be no ongoing servicing or maintenance costs. You’ll only have a one-off payment and save long-term while reaping the benefits of being completely natural and sustainable build.


It offers a profile depth of 94mm with a free open area (FOA) of 51.6%. Enjoy the benefits of an ergonomic clip-in the system, designed for easy installation. The mounting bracket is specially engineered to fit easily into a carrier bracket that is supplied to complete the fitting. 


Each product is built to meet the needs of your business with design measurements made to suit you. Its max span is 1500mm with a 64mm pitch. The minimal panel depth is 94mm with a coefficient discharge at 0.35. Coefficient discharge (cd) is important for ensuring that there is no build-up of pressure which can be detrimental to a build, while also offering smoke and fire safety properties. 


Applications & Uses: 


The H series is used for a range of buildings and structures in both a commercial environment, community areas and industrial designs. Architecturally, it offers a  high level of screening privacy, so is great for being used in community buildings or apartments.

Ideally, they are suited for structures that need an outdoor environment. Commonly they are used to help hide mechanical or plant materials that need ventilation but are needing weathered protection. Balconies are another place you can expect to find these versatile louvres.

Key Benefits: 

Helps Meet Green Standards

Designed to meet building standards in relation to environmental needs. Be sure that your building meets today’s green standards to help promote a more sustainable future. 



Since our vents harness the power of nature, there are no on-going costs. There’s no need to worry about general maintenance and servicing with this particular model of louvres. 


Australian Made

Designed, engineered, tested, sourced and manufactured right here in Australia. We also employ local contractors to help complete installations. By keeping everything local, we can ensure that all products are quality tested and met at a high standard. Also, this ensures everything is ethically sourced. 


Beautifully designed 

Don’t compromise between looks and practicality when you can have both. The sleek aluminium frame offers a free open area of 51.6% and is effective at keeping harsh weather out. Designed to have a maximum blade size of 1500mm, these louvres are completely customisable. You can get creative with design, having them mounted vertically or horizontally. Consider adding mesh, rain sensors, dust filters, smoke dampers or security screens too. 



Enjoy the flexibility for adding installation to your service, or installing on your own. We will provide you with all the information needed to successfully add the H series louvre to your building so you can use your own contractors. Each package is carefully placed down with all necessary fittings and accessories you’ve chosen. 


Alternatively, we can send out our team members and site supervisor to ensure the product are installed and working efficiently. 



H Series Louvres was designed to be easy and simple. With little to no maintenance, once installed you won’t need to worry about yearly check-ups. However, you can organise for one of our team members to come and inspect them should you want to ensure they are still functioning as they should. 

Please call 1800 805 062 for product specifications.

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