Using natural airflow principles combined with over 30 years of research and development, Airocle offer an extensive range of environmentally friendly yet highly effective wall ventilation solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

Our wall ventilation schemes are perfect for multi-level buildings where natural ventilation across each level is a priority as well as large structures where pressure relief and cross-flow ventilation is required.

Designed and manufactured in Australia with high quality materials, our range of wall ventilation solutions combine appealing designs with high performance.

Our louvres achieve optimum level of free open area necessary for effective airflow, but can also be customised to include weather proofing and noise reduction devices depending on your project requirements.

Implementing Airocle’s wall ventilation solutions will not only make your buildings architecturally attractive, but will also guarantee a sustainable future with minimized running costs, lower energy use and improved working environment.

Benefits of Wall Vents

Weather Proof and Heavy Duty:

  • We use the finest products and superior design features to ensure our products run at maximum efficiency in adverse conditions.
  • Our products provide reactive fire ventilation, restriction of water and wind generated rain entry and can even be bullet proof.
  • Fixed or Manual operation allows you to control airflow and restrict dust and cold air depending on environmental conditions.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable:

  • We ensure all of our products are sustainable and at the forefront of environmental technology.
  • Our products are acoustically designed for superior noise reduction.
  • By using natural airflow there is less impact on the environment and your infrastructure.
  • We optimise natural lighting to lower electricity costs for you.

Aesthetic and Architectural Designs

  • We will integrate our ventilation systems into your building design and structural requirements and pride ourselves on our aesthetically pleasing designs.
A Series Wall Vent
Natural, high-strength louvre ventilation Airocle's A Series are high-strength
B Series Wall Louvres
Airocle's B Series wall-mounted fixed louvres are an ideal
C Series Airocle Wall Vent
Airocle's C Series of wall louvres are an
D series wall louvre
Natural science is coupled with innovative, quality engineering
E Series fixed 2 stage louvre
Highly versatile, the Airocle E Series louvres used
G Series Acoustic Louvres

Louvres, Acoustic Louvres

Airocle H Series Chevron Louvre

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Pressure Relief Wall Ventilation

Vents & Ventilators, Blast & Pressure Relief Vent

Z Series wall-mounted louvres

Vents & Ventilators, Fire & Smoke Vent, Louvres, Operable Louvres