The biggest issues for mining infrastructure are Heat, Humidity and Air contamination.

HeatWhether it be looking after machinery or the welfare of your employees, removing excess heat and controlling your operations environment is critical.

Airocle can provide comprehensive CFD modeling that can quantify the effectiveness of natural ventilation in building design. Through working with engineers and operation managers, we have the ability to understand each particular project and work out the best solution for providing comfortable, safe and more productive work environments.

HumidityWith humidity and stagnant air comes corrosion. And with corrosion comes higher maintenance costs, reduced building life cycles and challenging working environments.

Over 40 years of natural ventilation experience, a comprehensive working knowledge of thermodynamics and an understanding of the intricacies that mining projects entail mean that Airocle know how to effectively reduce the corrosive nature of humidity from above ground mining infrastructure making your buildings stronger and last longer.

Contaminated AirThe provision of a safe working environment is the number one priority and we believe clean, fresh air flow throughout a facility can be a significant contributor to this. Airocle can work with operators and engineers to develop the best solution through utilising CFD modeling that not only maps building heat load movement but also identifies external factors such as regional wind, humidity and temperature histories for each project.

BenefitsWhether it be processing and washery facilities, desalination and water treatment plants or even truck wash sheds, Airocle have successfully removed the risks and costs that corrosion places on mining operations meaning increased building lifecycles, reduced building maintenance requirements and most importantly reduced operation costs.

We’re helping make your operations safer, cleaner and more efficient, and all while helping your bottom line.
Mining/Heavy Industry

  • Processing Plants
  • Coal Washeries
  • Foundries and Furnace Buildings
  • Rolling Mills
  • Chemical Processing Facilities
  • Steelworks
  • Waste Management
  • Glass Float Plants