Mugga Reservoir - Icon Water

Project Highlights:

  • Improved water quality
  • Met national standards required for airflow changes per hour
  • Reduced condensation within water tanks

The Challenge  

Icon Water is a government-owned organisation, entrusted with the critical task of managing water and sewage services in the ACT and Queanbeyan regions. To ensure compliance with corporate reporting and regulatory obligations under the Corporations Law, the company diligently adheres to 73 Acts, Regulations, and Codes, including the Water and Sewerage Act 2000, Water Resources Act 2007, Environment Protection Act 1997, and the Public Health Act 1997.  

Maintaining a top-notch reservoir is crucial for Icon Water to meet its compliance needs. This often requires extensive studies and rigorous testing to uphold their codes and standard. As part of an overall reservoir upgrade project, it was necessary to reconstruct the facility. As part of this, they replaced the flooring joints, external structures, and roof, which spans approximately 6,700m². Given that the reservoir holds drinking water, it was essential to allow natural ventilation to prevent condensation buildup. Without natural ventilation, the temperature differentials would have caused condensation within the reservoir, affecting the water’s drinking quality. Additionally, a non-corrosive product was needed for this purpose, considering the nature of the reservoir.   

Mugga Reservoir | Photo: Icon Water.

The Solution  

During the earlier construction phase of this building, an Airocle roof ventilation system was installed. When it was time for a redesign, the architects naturally chose to specify Airocle once again. They conducted their investigation into various ventilation solutions and concluded that reusing Airocle was the best choice due to our record of accomplishment of reliable and tested products.  

Specifically, our 3 Series product was selected for its minimal maintenance requirements, suitable air changes per hour, and the ability to customise according to the building’s needs. It was agreed by the engineers from both Airocle and externally that placing 69 linear metres of our 3RV750 down the centre of the structure would allow for the optimal amount of airflow changes per hour.   

The Results  

The Airocle 3 Series product was skilfully installed by Airocle’s preferred specialists, who diligently worked on-site for several days to complete the installation of the roof vent. Ever since its installation, the water supply has consistently maintained an impressive level of quality, effectively preventing any issues related to condensation that would have otherwise occurred without the roof ventilator.  

The implemented ventilation system ensures a minimum of six air changes per hour, precisely meeting the expectations set by mechanical engineers. This level of compliance ensures that Icon Water remains fully aligned with the ACTs, standards, and regulations that govern its operations. Encouraged by the positive outcomes, Icon Water has continued to engage with Airocle for future projects, acknowledging the value and efficacy of Airocle products 

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