Blast and pressure relief vents are ideally suited for industrial buildings with potentially explosive atmospheres where overpressure and blast relief venting is required. Facilities which handle hazardous materials or undertake volatile operations will need to satisfy the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements for ventilation, but also ensure the safety of the people working.

Our range of innovative and sustainable pressure relief ventilators use nature’s thermodynamic forces to quickly and effectively ventilate your building in case of a pressure increase.

Based on research and rigorous testing, our pressure relief vents have been technologically designed to be highly sensitive to structural pressure. When there is a rise in pressure, or over pressurisation, they react instantly and expel the expanding heated gases rapidly.

Incorporating Airocle’s blast and pressure relief ventilators in your project is the guarantee to protect your building and ensure the safety of your people, while adopting a sustainable technology.

Benefits of Blast & Pressure Relief Ventilators

  • They can be either wall or roof mounted depending on your needs
  • Efficient and tested explosion and pressure relief
  • Secure, weatherproof, high quality and reliable operating components with the flexibility to suit your design needs
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Rapid re-closure after operation for weather protection
  • Simple efficient design and aesthetically non-imposing
  • Refined engineering resulting in superior reliability
  • Optional unique “hatch” seal  to eliminate dust contamination and to protect sensitive environments
  • Unmatched responsiveness of <10 milliseconds to pressure shocks
Y Series Pressure Relief Vent

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Pressure Relief Wall Ventilation

Vents & Ventilators, Blast & Pressure Relief Vent