I am a true advocate of natural ventilation. I am trying to be sustainable, and as green as possible. Airocle has helped me with a few of my facilities, and I have a great working relationship with them.
– Stephen Johansson
Principal & Owner, Facility Design Group Architects

Nastasi & AssociatesI advocate the use of natural ventilation. If you take into account the reduced internal pressures the vents pay for themselves.
– Adam Gillett
Structural Engineer, Nastasi & Associates

DonaldsonThe team at Airocle are passionate about what they do. They have a large range of products that can provide practical solutions for ventilation and shade in industrial buildings.
– Cameron Norgrove
Manufacturing Engineer, Donaldson Filtration Solutions

Bluescope SteelWe would like to say that we were particularly impressed with the high quality of fabrication of the components, supplied in a very short time frame. Airocle’s engineering design and workshop teams should be congratulated.
– Rhys Ovenden
Senior Mechanical Projects Engineer, BlueScope Steel – Port Kembla

Hyundai MobisAirocle showed they have the engineering expertise to tackle any design challenge and produce a product that is both high quality and easy to install.

– Malcolm Stoddart
GM Facilities and Services, Mobis Hyundai Distribution Facility – Erskine Park