With our products and technical expertise in natural ventilation being used by architects, engineers, builders and roofers for thousands of projects across Australia and overseas. We are proud of our history in providing natural ventilation solutions for a vast range of applications in industry, commerce, mining, government, infrastructure and the community.


Primary Evaluation

  • Discussion of Client Brief.
  • 2x Site Inspections.
  • Full Audit & Image Capture.


Wind velocity measurement
Thermal imaging capture

Engineering & Compliance

  • Collation of all data.
  • Brainstorming of ventilation strategies and solutions, taking into consideration all data collected.
  • Comprehensive In-House Expert Analysis.


Engineering collaboration

360º Airflow Analysis & Design*

Phase 1: Analysis

  • 3D geometric building modelling.
  • Analysing Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) to predict convection airflow inside the building.
  • Thermal imaging to identify problematic heat spots.
  • Wind effect study around the building.
  • Critical temperature and humidity contouring.

Phase 2: Design

  • Proposal of natural ventilation to optimise environmental conditions for human occupancy (ASHRAE 5S – Thermal comfort) and fire safety.
  • Cost-effective plan for implementation, including simulationof current systems vs. proposed solution.


Building 3D modelling
Building temperature contour (Before)
Building temperature contour (After)
ASHRE Thermal Comfort Analysis

Budget Cross-Check

  • Materials Pricing.
  • Labour Costing.
  • Comparison vs Client Brief.


Final Report

Design Solutions Presented & Explained to Client

  • Executive Summary of Audit Findings and Proposed Solution.
  • Estimation of Return of Investment.
  • Mechanical Ventilation Solution Cost Comparison.


Design Solutions Presented & Explained to Client

We installed a full length Airocle ridge vent to our 30,000sqm warehouse building as part of a passive cooling and ventilation system. The system is excellent and even on 36°C days, the building feels as though it is air-conditioned. From our point of view it is an excellent investment.

Cameron Norgrove
Manufacturing Engineer
Donaldson Filtration Solutions