Project Highlights

  • We reduced temperatures from over 70 ͦC to an average of 32 ͦC
  • Maximum temperatures now reach just 53 ͦC.
  • Delivered much better working conditions for staff, maintenance workers and high heat-generating machinery to operate.

  • Problem

    BlueScope Steel in Port Kembla is tasked with producing top quality steel, and as you might imagine, the heat involved in this process can be physically overwhelming. After modifications to the metal processing lines, the temperature within the building increased dramatically – to an excess of 70 ͦC. This threatened both the reliability and functions of the equipment as well as the safety of the people working in such an environment.

    In such elevated temperatures:

  • Overhead cranes and lasers which are essential to production are compromised.
  • Conditions are unbearable and not safe for employees and maintenance workers.
  • A majority of electrical equipment cannot operate effectively – temperatures need to be 55 ͦC or less.

  • Solution

    When approached by BlueScope, we initially undertook a 360° Airflow Analysis. Obviously, the company needed to find a cooling solution, but at Airocle we believe that this should be done in a way that is both energy and cost-efficient.

    We conducted a site area appraisal, followed by design and engineering consultancy, product selection, application and detailing. How

    Our solutions do not use electricity, so instead, we focused on identifying the source of the primary air flow into the building. We designed a natural, static ventilation system, strategically harnessing reduced heat levels at lower points to encourage cool airflow throughout the building. Unlike air conditioning systems or mechanical fans, this does not use electricity and resulted in long-term cost savings for BlueScope.

    The Result

    The installation of the specially-designed static ventilation system reduced the temperature in the design area to a maximum of 53 ͦC and an average of 32 ͦC from the original temperature of 70 ͦC. With the reduced temperatures, workers could operate equipment safely and efficiently.

    As for the client, they were incredibly satisfied, voicing that they were “particularly impressed with the high-quality fabrication of the components”, which were supplied to them in a very short timeframe. They had nothing but praise, stating that “Airocle’s engineering design and workshop teams should be congratulated.”

    The entire process resulted in no additional maintenance costs for BlueScope Steel.