Why Airocle?

Quite simply, we’re the masters of natural ventilation. We offer complete, bespoke solutions that harness the highest level of technical expertise.

We’ll provide you with a design consultation and then execute a seamless installation.

We make it easy!

We’ll assess your individual needs and design a tailored solution which works for you.

We know our products

We design, engineer and fabricate our own products, so we know what they can handle. Our products can succeed in the harshest of environments.

Our workforce is fully qualified

We’ll provide you with a safe, professional, on-time and on-budget installation. Our workforce is mine inducted and possess all relevant safety, construction and height safety accreditation.

We’ve got skin in the game

We’ve been around for a long time, and been involved in some of the largest mining and infrastructure projects in the country. We know what it takes.

Our technical expertise is unparalleled

We develop the best natural ventilation systems available. Full stop. We’re not just about fresh air (although that’s a given). We’re committed to performance, safety and certainty.