Donaldson Filtration Solutions, Wyong NSW

Client Background:

Donaldson Filtration Solutions are one of the largest filtration manufacturers – a worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts, with distribution locations in more than 40 countries. Many of Donaldson’s processes generate heat resulting in the atmosphere of the building being uncomfortable for operators to work in. The asbestos roof was replaced with an insulated metal roof incorporating one of Airocle’s effective passive ventilation systems. The ventilators selected had to be able to provide adequate levels of airflow in the process areas that generate heat.

Points to Note:

The ventilator selected was the Airocle 2 Series ventilator, a ridge ventilator which is engineered for any environment demanding reliable ventilation for a wide range of heat loads, which provides effective and efficient performance for all external and internal environments. The 2 Series ventilator has been CSIRO tested to AS2428 and has proven design advantages over other ‘vented ridge’ designs in the market.

Donaldson were able to use the selected ventilators to perform a dual function. Firstly, it has  thermostatically controlled opening and closing dampers to maintain operator comfort and secondly, to operate as a compliant smoke hazard management ventilation system in the event of a fire for smoke clearance that maintains the integrity of the ESFR sprinkler system. The ventilation system is also connected to the buildings smoke detection system, and has fail-safe thermal release links to comply with NCC E2.2C.

Several operators in the Donaldson production facility have commented on noticeable increases in airflow and comfort levels during summer this year. Donaldson are also looking forward to improved comfort levels during winter this year when the vents can be closed and process heat can be used to warm the building.

Client Comment:

“The team at Airocle are passionate about what they do. They have a large range of innovative products that can provide practical solutions for ventilation & shade in industrial buildings”

Scope of Works:

  • Site area Appraisal
  • Design & Engineering Consultancy
  • Product Selection
  • Product application & detailing
  • Installation assistance & support